Road trip to Maine

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Recently I went on my first road trip (without family) and the experience was exciting and slightly terrifying. Two friends and I decided to go on a road trip to Maine. It was quite nerve-racking as we'd only confirmed to go the day before we left. We had to book the car rental and the motels we'd stay at as well as plan out an itinerary with multiple paths in case we got lost. Thankfully, that wasn't an issue thanks to my friend's GPS. We owe our lives to this device.

Day 1 : We got into the rental car and made our way towards the perilous roads of downtown Montreal. Why did we head downtown? Because we got lost. Yes, already. We hadn't even made it out of province and we were already lost. But enough of that, let's get to the good stuff! :D

After the driver dangerously maneuvered her way out of the city, we finally joined the open road. Our first stop was Magog where we decided to eat our packed lunch. We stopped at the Marais des Cerisiers, which seemed like a forest park camp type thing which was taken care of by a Center for the Intervention (of something I can't remember).

We crossed paths with trees and mushrooms (how fascinating) as well as a camp ground with teepees. The ground was so soft it was almost like quicksand!

We left our first stop fueled with food. After crossing the border into the US, we reached our next stop at a small beach that overlooked some very nice mountains. Although the sky was beautiful, it was still quite chilly and windy.

And then we were back on the road again, travelling through endless pastures of green and skies of blue. Winding through the treacherous mountain roads, we stopped at this scenic spot to take a breather and a few pictures.

We were off to explore the Jackson Falls, NH. But before that, we almost got lost trying to find the motel we were to stay at. So my friends stopped to ask help from a stranger who pointed us in the right direction. There was one important rule we had established for the road trip and that was to not drive in the dark. The day was soon setting so we were worried whether we'd get to the falls in time for us to get back to our motel while there was still daylight. Thankfully, we got to the falls and had plenty of time to explore although we did have to sacrifice Glenn Falls as it was too far away.

After sightseeing the falls, we went to a local supermarket to get some food for the night and went back to the smelly motel. Some eating ensued, and while we had decided to sleep and wake early, we couldn't fall asleep as we were still too overly excited.

Day 2: Yes, we did end up getting some sleep after talking for hours, bonding and sharing secrets woohoo! We woke up early and were ready to forever leave the smelly motel at around 8 AM. First stop on the road, another scenic view but it was these flowers that made the cut.

Lake Purity
We purged ourselves at Lake Purity before going back on the long, winding, dangerous road through the mountain. We had a destination this time, Wells beach, ME. It was the first time I'd experienced the beach in this way, liberating and free. I also took a video of myself running toward the water but I'll spare you the craziness. This was my favourite part of our road trip.

Then we made our way to the land of Portland, surprisingly known for its port. It was lunchtime so we were pretty hungry, for some lobster that is! But unfortunately, Kimy the driver is vegetarian. We went to Becky's Diner for brunch and tried out the Lobster omelette. It was good, but what made it great was the lovely waitress who was so nice and helpful. She even printed out a google map for us! She had recommended we go visit the famous Portland Head Lighthouse, which is apparently the oldest most photographed lighthouse in the US. Before driving to the lighthouse, we took a tour of Charles Morse's old Victorian mansion. It was a nice house but really, it was the tour guide who made it more enjoyable. The people of Maine are so hospitable! That or I should get out more. Photos weren't allowed so you'll just have to take my word for it. Overall, Portland has beautiful landscapes, definitely post-card material.

Head Lighthouse, check! We then headed to York beach, a smaller beach, less exciting than Wells beach, but still. Note that it smells very strongly of that bad sea smell.

Next, we headed to a second lighthouse, the name of which I can't recall. It was bee-u-ti-full. But I was so mesmerized by the water that I forgot to take a picture of the actual lighthouse... We bravely climbed down the rocks to be closer to the waves and also attempted to do yoga poses. Someone was also fishing there but unfortunately did not catch any fish.

As the sun set, we set off for our motel, hopelessly envying the residents of the surrounding houses who had that spectacular view right from their backyard.

Day 3: The last day snif snif. We drove off early morning, hoping to make the most of the last remaining hours of our trip. First thing on our destination, the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory. We had a tour of the factory. It was small, but sweet because there was an ice cream tasting at the end, chocolate and cookie dough, mmmmm. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside as it would divulge their secrets but everything was quite charming.

After that, we made our way to Vermont and the place where apple cider is made. Back on the road again, through the mountains until we reached a vineyard where we had a little behind the scenes on wine-making as well as a wine tasting.

Finally, we were on our way back to Montreal after a tiring but memorable trip. 


  1. Lovely writing and some breathtaking pictures! :D
    And what a trip!!!