Eye see lettres

Y U N I  |  J u n e  0 2 , 2 0 1 5

  D e a r  H a n i

Tell me other ways of starting this without using 'dear'. I don't like the sound of 'dear'. I know this is small but the normal size just doesn't look appealing in this box. You don't mind right? When are you coming here? This is nice and all but it's not the same. Or should I find a job in Toronto? I get tired here too easily. I bought this letter stamp thing recently. I thought it'd be nice but it doesn't work that well. Which pisses me off. It's so annoying. If it doesn't work, just don't sell it. Right? Anyways, I'm not really making any sense now. You know when you have a headache but it's not fully formed yet. It's just there, in between my eyebrows. Like, am I getting a headache or am I not getting a headache? In other news, I fell the other day after I rode a bicycle. Can you believe it? I fell after getting off the bike, not while riding it. I was embarrassed even though no one saw. I had to disinfect my wound with alcohol. It had been a while and it hurt like a mother-trucker. I hate getting wounds on the knee. It's impossible to put any cotton or band-aid without it moving around and the wound stretches when you bend your knee. I'm going to graduation next week. I was thinking of not going. Either way I already got my cap and gown and told them I'm going so I'll be going. They also gave me a cardholder. It's made of metal and isn't very practical. Still nice though. Let's go on a trip. Sometime soon. Somewhere nice.

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