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" In the world, 90 per cent of people are spending a so-called ordinary life. Have a family, have a child, and get educated: ordinary. Grow up: ordinary, and get married: ordinary. And getting a job: ordinary and getting old: ordinary, and getting sick: ordinary, and going to the grave: ordinary. More than 90 per cent. This is not my customer.

The people who choose freedom, these are special people, or these are the sad people, you can say. Freedom carries a strong responsibility. If you deny the way of ordinary families, you have to find how you make people sad, how you are hurting people. What you are creating or what you are saying is not understood, so you will always feel isolation. It's like walking on the edge of life, every day. I call this 'outsider of life'. "

- Yohji Yamamoto


The stills are from Notebook on Cities and Clothes.

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