Two for the show

Y U N I  |  S e p t e m b e r  0 5 , 2 0 1 5

  D e a r  H a n i

Why is it that when you buy those pre-cut baby carrots, they all look huge and deformed? Isn't the point of buying those carrots to make carrots easier to eat? How will that be possible if all the carrots in the bag are the size of. Sigh. It takes too much effort to think of something to compare the carrots to. It's easy to forget once you remember that everything is nicer when you look up. Imagine that we're living in the space between earth and space. Where the sky meets the horizon. Where the air feels cool and fresh. Some place where you can feel a light breeze softly brushing over the top of your cheeks. Like thousands of tiny kitten paws caressing your skin. And the air smells so good you can taste it. It's not sickly sweet or icy, it's tender and warm and comforting. Like the softest blanket wrapping its arms around you as you peacefully drift to sleep. Weightless, your thoughts can carry you across the ocean. The little waves become a dream. Awake to the most perfect melody swimming around the rim of your summer lemonade. Can you hear the notes of the ice playing a symphony against the glass? Like twinkling lights pretending to be shooting stars. There is nothing more unbelievable than dreams. I sometimes forget. But honestly, it's possible to justify anything with the existence of something. To put it mildly, your existence makes me feel better.  

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