fear not father, it will all get better

F e b r u a r y  2 3 , 2 0 1 8

It's freezing rain outside. But I'm feeling all warm inside. The droplets feel cool and refreshing on my heated cheeks.

My dad just called me. He seemed to be feeling quite depressed these past months. He lost a lot of money, is in a lot of debt and has loads of bills to pay with money he doesn't have to support a family he doesn't seem to truly want. And while I am disappointed and angry at his ease into despair, I can only feel sorry for him.

It makes me really happy, when after all these years, what makes me most proud to be who I am, is how much I can be my dad's best friend. I can hear it in his voice, that he's feeling a little better. And I'm glad I could be there to listen and encourage him in any way he needs it. Because that's what he needs. Not remorse, or anger or resentfulness. I'm sure he's already feeling those enough for himself.

I just want him to be better, to be healthy and to know that everything can become better, if only for a little bit. A little bit at a time, can go a long way for a long time.

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